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Get to know your next MLA

For over 20 years, Nicole has lived and raised her family in Nelson.

Nicole is motivated to serve the people of Kootenay Central with integrity and accountability. She is frustrated by the lack of representation offered by the BC NDP for the last five decades in this riding. Like her predecessors, our current MLA is forced to follow corporate political interests, rather than representing what we value here in the Kootenays.

Nicole recently served as Councillor for the City of Nelson, receiving over 75% of the vote and the highest youth turnout on record. 


Holding a degree in Economics, Nicole has a decade of experience working in politics and has served the people of Kootenay Central in many leadership roles including as:

  • Nelson City Councillor

  • Executive Director for the West Kootenay Watershed Collaborative

  • Finance Officer for Elections Canada

  • Chair of the Nelson Waldorf Community School Association

  • Interim Executive Director of West Kootenay Eco-Society


She is a proud mom, dancer, singer and an active member of the community also serving as:

  • Tour Operator

  • Advisory Planning Commissioner for the Regional District of Central Kootenay

  • Driver for Kootenay Seniors Society

Nicole's resume can be found here.

Time to demand better representation

Our Mission


Nicole's mission is and always will be to give true representation for the people of Kootenay Central before party politics or large corporate interests. Nicole  is ready to serve in the BC Legislature, hold government accountable to the people and speak on the issues that matter to you.

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Steps to Support Nicole


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